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Monique Whittaker

Monique WhittakerMonique is a recent graduate of Communications & Media Arts High School. Her interests are sewing, money management, and sign language.

Wanting to make a future out of the things she enjoys most has helped her in choosing her career goals. She is planning a career in fashion design, international business, and Marketing. She hopes to gain work experience, better work etiquette, and networking opportunities from the GDYT program.

She likes the structure of Detroit and the many places it has to go. If she could do one thing to help improve Detroit it would be enforcing the equality of blacks without discrimination and improving the diversity amongst the city.

She likes to listen to music by India Arie, Maxwell, and Erykah Badu because their music feels calming and inspiring. If she could tell people one thing about herself it would be that she is nothing but great.

Employer: Charles Wright MAAH