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Hire Detroit

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Welcome to HIRE DETROIT!


HIRE DETROIT! is an awareness campaign which will focus attention on the need for Metro Detroit businesses to hire one qualified Detroit jobseeker, and also to share data about the number of new hires made.An initiative of Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, HIRE DETROIT! represents the first time an attempt has been made to share aggregate data on the number of Detroit jobs filled. It calls for collaboration between a large number of organizations, both public and private.Employers across the city will provide certain key information about new hires made. The information will not be personally identifiable, and will only be shared at an aggregate level. Data to be made available is set out in a Memorandum of Understanding that is signed between participating organizations and DESC, and is used for the purpose of ensuring that new hires are not double counted if reported by more than one organization (such as the eventual employer and a recruitment company).

There is a lot of focus on the venture capital that is flowing into the city but human capital is just as important to Detroit’s long-term economic development prospects. Detroiters need to get their fair share of these opportunities. City residents who have jobs are far more likely to be residents who support their families, maintain their homes and pay their taxes, so reducing the number of unemployed Detroiters is the key.

The current official unemployment rate in Detroit is double the average for the state of Michigan as a whole, but the real rate is probably a lot higher than the official figures show. By encouraging Detroit businesses to hire one Detroiter and share hiring information, HIRE DETROIT! hopes to be able to report 25,000 new hires in 2014, a figure that equates to roughly 40 percent of the city’s current unemployment rate.

HIRE DETROIT! officially launched December 12, 2013 and hires to date will be made available on this page and in the Detroit media throughout 2014.

If you want to get involved with HIRE DETROIT!, please email for more information. Alternatively, you can follow @Hire_Detroit on Twitter or subscribe to “Solutions,” DESC’s monthly e-mail newsletter.