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Detroit Summer Youth Employment Program

A limited number of summer employment opportunities are available to youth enrolled in the Detroit Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).Youth working

Eligible candidates are low income youth ages 14-21, residing in the city of Detroit, and having at least one of the following predetermined barriers to employment: Deficient in basic literacy skills; a school dropout; a homeless, runaway or foster child; pregnant or a parent; an offender; a youth with a disability.

What types of jobs are available?
A wide range of summer job opportunities are available. Currently, there are over 200 businesses participating in the Detroit SYEP – the City of Detroit Recreation Department, Michigan Department of Human Services, UAW-Ford, Wayne State University, CVS, McDonalds, Detroit Fire Cadets, Detroit Police Cadets, Walgreens, and Compuware are just a few of the many participants.

What is gained?

Besides valuable work experience, some past employers have been so impressed with the work ethic shown that they have hired the youth into permanent employment. During the summer program however, youth are paid $7.50 per hour and can work 20 – 25 hours per week.

Those interested in applying to the program can obtain enrollment information from the Youth Development Commission (YDC) website or call (313) 963-8916.