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Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation was formed as a non-profit on July 1, 2012. DESC is a part of the Michigan Works! Association, and is one of 25 Michigan Works! Agencies located around the state. While each agency is unique, each agency:

  • Is locally responsive and demand-driven.
  • Is governed by a Workforce Development Board
  • Provides services to assist employers in finding the skilled talent they need
  • Provides a competitive advantage for jobseekers

While DESC is part of Michigan Works!, it is different from other agencies in the state, in that it is Michigan’s largest city and serves more customers than any other Michigan Works! agency.

Like other Michigan Works! agencies, DESC receives the majority of its funding from the federal government. These funds can only be spent on programs and initiatives for which they are intended, and that are consistent with Office of Management and Budget guidelines.

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation reports to the Detroit Workforce Development Board, which is established by the Mayor of Detroit.