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Community Partners Tackle Challenges

100 Community Partners Meet to Discuss Workforce Opportunities


Detroit MI – October 8, 2013: Over 100 community partners from across the city gathered today at Neighborhood Services Organization’s (NSO) Historic Bell Building on Oakman to discuss employment, education and training opportunities for Detroiters.

The quarterly meetings, run by Detroit Employment Solutions, are the biggest regularly scheduled meetings of community workforce partners in Detroit, with attendees ranging from faith-based organizations to major non-profits and educational institutions.

The meeting was hosted by NSO to introduce partners to their new Headquarters at the Historic Bell Building. Tours of the facility were made available to attendees.

“These quarterly meetings are one of the best ways we have of driving alignment across all workforce-related initiatives and agencies” said Pamela Moore, President and CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions.

Ms. Moore hinted at an upcoming initiative intended to take this collaboration to even greater levels over the coming months.


“When you look at the number of organizations here, like NSO, doing good work to give Detroiters the opportunities they require, the need for collaboration across all partners is crystal clear. We are so much bigger than the sum of our parts when we work together.”

More information regarding the new initiative will be made available in November.