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Students in classroom

Career Awareness and Readiness Equals Success (CARES) is a work readiness and career awareness training program with two distinct models

  • A school-based model focused on certain Detroit high schools, including 10th through 12th grade students.
  • A year-round model focusing on youth 14-21 both in- and out-of school.

School-Based Model 

The CARES school-based model includes academic instruction integrated with Career Technical Education and Work Readiness Training. Expected outcomes include:

  • High school completion
  • College credit
  • Technical credentials
  • A Work Readiness Credential
  • Employment

Year-Round Model

The Year-Round Model has a wider audience then the school-based model, focusing on youth aged 14-21 both in- and out-of school. Program elements include:

Youth should call the DESC Youth Hotline on (313) 664-5624 for further information about which programs are the best fit for them.