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Tweet your questions for the next DESC partners meeting

Focus: HOPEEvery quarter, Detroit Employment Solutions holds a meeting with the many community and faith based organizations it works with on a daily basis around the city – organizations like Focus: HOPE, Southwest Solutions, the Michigan Department of Corrections and SER Metro.

This meeting is open to all partners, and draws as many as 200 attendees. At the meeting, DESC communicates information about new initiatives, hot jobs and work readiness programming. But just as importantly, the meeting provides a venue for partners to ask DESC questions about subjects ranging from processes to opportunities to policy.

Use #DESCpartners to ask a question

In order to make the best possible use of the next meeting, which will be held in the West Conference Room at Focus: HOPE, located at 1400 Oakman Blvd. June 4 from 9 – 11am, we are offering partners the ability to send their questions in over social media platform ‘Twitter’. If you have a question, send a tweet (adding the hashtag #DESCpartners) to @DESC_News between now and June 3. We will then try to get through as many of the questions as we can during the partners meeting, and to group questions together where they come from more than one partner.

In this way, we hope to address as many questions as possible during the time we have available. Thanks for your support, and get tweeting!