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Tiana Troupe

Tiana is a student at Jackson College and in her free time, she enjoys going to church and hanging with her best friend. tiana_troupe

She enjoys listening to music and her favorite singer is India Arie because she puts her heart and backbone into her music. The person she admires the most and who has influenced her career choice is her Pastor.

Tiana originally wanted to become a Pediatrician. However she had a change of heart after seeing the strength and happiness her pastor has had after receiving a kidney transplant. She has now decided she would like to become a dialysis nurse.

One thing that she dislikes about Detroit is the negativity and violence but loves that there are still programs that help better the lives of city residents. If she could do just one thing to help Detroit, she would start a program that helps young children get off the streets and decrease violence.

She is looking forward to gaining positive experiences from the GDYT program. She also has dreams of visiting Paris one day and seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Employer: DMS