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Success Spotlight: Tanisha Kuhn

Tanisha Kuhn, a 32 year-old single mother of 4 children began participating in the P.A.T.H. Program June 2013 with DESC PATH provider Ross Innovative Employment Solutions.

After completing orientation and job readiness activities, she attended a “Believe and Tanisha KuhnAchieve” workshop, which inspired her to redouble her efforts towards finding stable employment and making her children proud.

This led to Tanisha’s enrollment at Irving’s Professional Training School in the Certified Nurse Assistant program in July 2013, which she completed in August that year. This program teaches how to effectively communicate with patients, enabling her to provide a more accurate description of a patient’s ailments to the Registered Nurse in charge. She passed the Michigan Board State Test four months later after receiving help from Supportive Services.

Tanisha found employment at St. Mary’s Nursing & Rehabilitation Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant at 20 hours per week in April 2014. After beginning employment, she was given the opportunity to change to the midnight shift at 40 hours per week with  increased hourly pay.

“With the right tools, attitude, and help from my Case Manager, I have been able to succeed,” Tanisha said.

Congratulations Tanisha!

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