Training Partners

Training Partners

In order to provide the best possible service and outcomes to Detroit jobseekers, DESC maintains a ‘Preferred Provider’ list.

DESC Preferred Providers are all registered with the State of Michigan, but in addition have submitted additional documentation that confirms:

  • That training is demand-driven (linked to jobs)
  • That providers are financially stable

DESC Preferred Providers are the only organizations to whom DESC will refer eligible training participants.

Preferred Provider status is open to any training organization, providing they submit all the required detail and pass an audit. Assuming all documentation is acceptable, the process of becoming a Preferred provider will take 3-4 weeks.

For details of the requirements, please click here for an overview. If you wish to apply to become a Preferred Provider, please submit a Letter of Interest and complete the Prospective Training Provider Questionnaire and send both documents to Reggie Williams – DESC will then review and request further documentation.

Current DESC Preferred Providers include the following organizations:

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