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On-the-job training allows for hiring outside the box

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation’s One-Stop Service Centers work directly with employers in order to fill open positions with eligible candidates. Before referring an individual to an employer, DESC’s staff spends time with each customer to ensure they are interview ready, which includes resume building and job retention essentials. After this process is complete, the individual’s resume is passed along to one of our Account Managers, who are responsible for handling each case brought to DESC by employers.

Many companies reach out to DESC after experiencing difficulties finding the right candidates for roles within their organization. When this becomes an issue, the employer can depend on DESC to eliminate these struggles and provide the company with capable individuals that have been pre-screened and are interview ready.

Resolution Medical Billing - LogoResolution Medical Billing Services is a prime example of a company that has utilized DESC’s services to enhance their employment search. The company had been searching for a candidate to fill a billing position. After eight months, Resolution Medical Billing was introduced to DESC. The Account Manager working on the case forwarded several resumes for review, but none of the candidates quite fit the mold for the position, the majority coming up short of the experience level the company was looking for. However, the candidates sent to Resolution Medical Billing still managed to impress the staff greatly; each individual was well versed on proper interviewing etiquette. Along with this, the candidates clearly had training, ethics, and work skills.

Though Resolution Medical Billing Services was looking to fill the billing position with a Resolution Medical Billinghighly experienced individual, they found that most candidates with sufficient experience lacked necessary skills in other areas. Also, the individuals referred by DESC were more appealing to Resolution Medical Billing Services than the fully experienced candidates that had applied individually. The referred applicants were so impressive that the company decided to invest in on-the-job training in order to hire a DESC candidate.

Since the billing position was filled, Resolution Medical Billing has been incredibly pleased with their new employee. This particular interaction demonstrates Detroit Employment Solution Corporation’s focus on each affiliated employer. Every department is motivated to provide a mutually beneficial outcome, which is professional success for our customers and, subsequently, professional success for Detroit’s businesses.

“Rita Taylor is punctual and extremely pleasant, she is a hard worker, a team player and so eager to learn and get it right. So, with great pleasure we look forward to using Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation in the future.”

                                         Carmen West
                                         Resolution Medical Billing Services Inc.