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Work Readiness

medical-staffNeed some help getting ready to go to work? Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation can help you with: basic work skills, employability skills and vocational training.

  • Basic skills: It’s true that most employers these days will want to see at least a high-school diploma or a GED before they will consider a job application. But if you didn’t graduate from high school, don’t worry! We can help, so come in and talk to a career advisor today.
  • Employability skills. If you haven’t interviewed before, or if you haven’t interviewed for a long time, it will be useful to know what employers will expect of you and what behaviors you can demonstrate to improve your chances of success.
    • How should you behave in an interview and how should you dress?
    • What do the different ways of writing a resume say about you?
    • What impression does your online footprint give employers? What would they think of you if they saw your Facebook page?
  • Vocational Training: DESC provides access to a range of vocational training
    opportunities, focused on high-growth, high-demand industries. These courses vary based on market demand but examples of current or recent courses range from truck driving CDL courses to ICD-10 medical coding, and from customer service to advanced manufacturing. Talk to a Career Advisor today to see if vocational training is something that could be your next career step.