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Returning Citizens


Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation is dedicated to connecting previously incarcerated individuals to training, recovery programs and jobs upon their return to the community. Our primary focus is to establish relationships with employers who are willing to give a second chance to ex-offenders who have acquired necessary skills for success.

Future training programs will provide a more focused approached to preparing returning citizens for employment. Customers will attend a work readiness program to address specific background issues when interviewing, how to present what they have learned from the past and how they are focused on being productive members of society.

Family members or friends of those who are currently in a Michigan corrections facility should visit our Returning Citizens Project page or call 313-432-8332 for details of how inmates can access training and job search facilities while they are still incarcerated to help them be ready to work by the time they are released.

Talk with a specialist Career Adviser at one of our One-Stop Service Centers today to find out more about how we can help Returning Citizens get back onto a career path.