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young-man-walkingDetroit Employment Solutions Corporation is all about connecting Detroiters not just with jobs, but with sustainable careers.DESC knows the job openings that employers are trying to fill right now, and we also know the openings they will want to fill in the future.

We customize the services we offer based on your background and what you want to achieve, so if you are a returning citizen, or a veteran, or if you want to start an apprenticeship, our intensive services are there to help you. Or if you have multiple barriers to overcome, then maybe our P.A.T.H. program is right for you.

We also know what the high-demand industries are, sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, green energy, IT, agriculture, hospitality and retail. These industries are growing and will provide you with opportunities to grow as well.

Not sure if you’re ready for work? DESC will connect you with training and education to get you where you need to be in order to find work. These services, which we provide in partnership with businesses, community-based and faith-based organizations, educational institutions and government agencies are provided free of charge to Detroit citizens. Find out more by making an appointment at one of our convenient neighborhood-based locations.