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Getting up to speed on a new career

Did you order gifts online in December and find that they were not delivered by December 25?  If so, you’re not alone.

Logistics companies faced major problems over the holiday season last year, with a surge in online orders catching companies like UPS and FedEx by surprise.

In fact, recent years have seen a significant increase in demand for transportation capacity.  The increased demand, when combined with new regulations that limit continuous drive time, has resulted in a shortage of properly trained and accredited drivers.

U.S. Truck Driver Training SchoolThat’s why, in the middle of 2013, Detroit Employment Solutions started a program to provide training for individuals to help them gain a CDL-A license – the high-level Commercial Drivers License that is required to drive the large weight-class of trucks used for transporting merchandise, food and equipment throughout the United States and beyond.

It was the availability of a CDL license that made 59 year-old Patrick Cavanagh visit one of our One-Stop Service Centers.  He was supporting both himself and his partner on food stamps and using his life’s savings to keep basic services connected to their home.  He was desperate to start a new career.

Mr. Cavanagh started his training in early October, attending every day to complete the course on time.  The course included both classroom and behind-the-wheel training, and as Mr. Cavanagh progressed he began to apply for positions with potential employers.

To his delight, immediately after passing his State of Michigan road test in mid-November he was inundated with offers of employment and found himself in the completely unexpected position of being able to choose between multiple potential employers.

He took several days to research each company before finally accepting an offer from Tri-State Expediting, based out of Toledo.  He started with Tri-State December 4, and loves it.

“It’s absolutely amazing” said Mr. Cavanagh.  “I had no idea this kind of program existed for unemployed people who need training in new skills to allow them to turn their lives around.”

U.S. Truck Driver Training School“Mr. Cavanagh’s GPA never fell below 90%” said Joseph LaBarge, President and CEO of U.S. Truck Driver Training School. “He received a certificate of completion for our 160 hour training program, along with his CDL Class A License, and is now making over $42,000 a year. We congratulate him on his success.”

DESC’s first CDL-A program provided training for 30 individuals, with completion rates and job placement rates almost 100%.  Jobs gained though this training program have an average wage of nearly $20 per hour.

If you are interested in CDL-A training, or in finding out what other training programs are available, visit one of our One-Stop Service Centers today and get on the road to your new career.