Recruitment and Screening

Recruitment and Screening

Recruiting to fill multiple positions can be overwhelming, whether your business is large or small. Employers can benefit from a Business Services representative located in the Detroit at Work Career Centers throughout the City.

DESC’s trained staff is the source for various services in hiring and retaining a robust workforce. The Business Services team can help find qualified candidates and develop a pipeline of talent for the future as well as explore options in connecting your organization to a job ready workforce.

DESC has extensive recruiting experience across a wide range of industries including construction, retail, hospitality, healthcare, government, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, information technology, and other key sectors that make up Detroit.

Business support and recruitment services available to Detroit employers include:

  • Access to a robust workforce who have job-ready skills
  • Industry and customized trainings as well as certifications
  • Assistance in posting job openings
  • Applicant screening prior to the job seeker being referred, including drug testing
  • Employment screening and interviewing space
  • Recruitment events and job fairs
  • Academic assessment
  • Job matching
  • Access to federal tax credits and other employer incentives

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