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Austeena Vallete

Austeena is strong and driven graduate of SER Learning Academy. austeena v.She plans to help the transgender youth who would like to transition, but may not have the support of their friends and family, as she didn’t growing up.

She admires Lilianna Reyes because of her contribution to youth and specifically LGBT youth. Lilianna inspires her to be a similar role model to the transgender youth in the Detroit community as well.

She is hoping to gain new experiences and develop new skills such as public speaking from being a part of the GDYT program.

She likes that Detroit is becoming more diverse, with more people contributing positive changes to the city. If she could do one thing to help the city of Detroit she would develop a project that brings communities together to help with different causes, and create a local strategy to make a sustainable exchange of goods and services with a one time investment.

If she could tell people one thing about who she is, it would be that she is not afraid to speak the truth and stand up for those who cannot. She plans on traveling to South America to see the rain forest and immerse herself in the culture.

Employer: SER