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Adanma Mbonu

Adanma is a student at Wilberforce University. She likes to cook, hang out with her friends, style hair, and travel.adanma mbonu She has career goals of becoming a triple threat – she wants to produce, direct, and host her own talk show.

There are three women who she currently admires. Ms. Renee Fluker who helps anyone in need and is always sweet; Ms. Danene who is very humble but always about business; and her Mom who supports her in whatever she decides to do and has made her into the young woman she is today. She plans to encompass the best traits of these three women and become a mogul for young black women to look up to.

She loves Detroit for the culture and heritage. One thing she dislikes about Detroit is the violence and abandonment, and lack of stores. She hopes to improve Detroit by cleaning up the neighborhoods and parks, planting more plants, and adding stores.

One thing she would like tell people about herself is that she loves the city of Detroit and the city made her who she is today.

Employer: DMC