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White House Convenes Meeting of Workforce Leaders

Workforce leaders at the White House
Workforce leaders at the White House

The White House National Economic Council, Department of Labor and Department of Commerce hosted an informal meeting January 20 with workforce leaders from around the U.S., all of whom were in town for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

The group discussed progress being made in each region in implementing regional partnerships and sector strategies to better align training with in-demand jobs and get more people through those career pathways.  In addition, the group discussed ways of working together to solidify progress over the coming year.

Attendees included (l to r) Robert Sainz (Los Angeles, CA), Keith Lawing (Witchita, KS), Paul Haynes (Nashville, TN), Pamela Moore (DESC), Marlena Sessions (Seattle, WA), Michael Gritton (Louisville, KY), Steve Partridge (Charlotte, NC), and Laurie Bouillion Larrea (Dallas, TX).