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Success Spotlight: Pelecia Ward

Pelecia WardHolding a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration‐CIS, Pelecia Ward had experience in the IT field and in teaching but was finding it very difficult to secure employment as she was a mature worker in a field that was hiring more entry‐level professionals.

Ms. Ward met with her Career Advisor several times subsequent to the orientation process. After reviewing her resume and observing her interviewing manner, her Career Advisor suggested she attend the resume maker workshop to make her experience more attractive to employers. She was also given a referral to the Career Closet where she obtained professional attire to attend recruitment events.

When an IT training opportunity became available through ‘Step it Up America’, Ms. Ward was proposed as a candidate and was invited to attend recruitment. Being highly educated, very engaged in the job search, and having previous IT experience made her a prime candidate, and the program provided an excellent opportunity for her to get back into the workforce.

Ms. Ward passed all of her required testing to become involved in Step it Up America, completed the 3 month training program, and is now working full‐time as a JAVA developer.

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