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Success Spotlight: Patrick Peavy

Patrick PeavyPatrick Peavy began receiving services from the Youth Development Commission on August 23, 2013. Patrick was immediately referred to begin an employment service training program (occupational skills training) offered by the Greening of Detroit which he successfully completed with credentials in MI-OSHA, First Aid/CPR, turf installation, general turf maintenance, turf equipment operation and safety/irrigation systems maintenance. The Greening of Detroit was only able to offer a small number of youth a permanent position following training and unfortunately, Patrick was not chosen.

Although Patrick was discouraged after having completed his training, YDC staff continued to maintain contact with him. The seeds planted throughout Patrick’s Greening of Detroit Training started to show signs of growth when an opportunity to work for the City of Detroit’s General Services Department (GSD) presented itself. The Youth Development Commission referred Patrick to participate in this work experience and on April 7, 2014, Patrick began this temporary position that would last until September, 2014.

The story doesn’t end there. Right before Patrick was scheduled to end his work experience; he was informed by supervisors that due to his hard work and diligence, he was chosen to continue working full-time throughout the winter months on the snow removal team of the General Services Department. Patrick is now harvesting all the rewards and benefits as a result of his “don’t quit” attitude. Patrick learned that instant gratification is not always guaranteed and he truly came to understand the benefits of delayed gratification.

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