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Success Spotlight: Michael Beeman

Being laid off several times due to company mergers and cutbacks would discourage anyone, but Michael Beeman transformed these setbacks into an opportunity to concentrate on finding the perfect career fit.

Michael Beeman
Michael Beeman, Nursing Practice Corporation Chief Financial Officer

“It’s all about finding the right fit for both the employee and employer,” said Mr.Beeman, the new Chief Financial Officer at Nursing Practice Corporation, the company that manages Campus Health Center at Wayne State University.

Mr. Beeman set up a website illustrating his job skills, polished up his resume, read jobseeker guides, and never stopped applying.

When Denise Stringer, Business Account Representative at Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, posted the position for Chief Financial Officer working in the healthcare industry, Mr. Beeman knew he had to apply. His years of experience working with large budgets in hospitals, physician’s practices, and counseling centers made him an obvious fit.

Denise Stringer
Denise Stringer, DESC Business Account Representative

“Michael is focused, likeable, patient, and has a sense of sure-footedness about him, which is exactly what the employer needed,” said Denise Stringer.

Even though Mr. Beeman was an ideal candidate, it took over four months for Michael to be interviewed and offered the position. The Board of Directors meeting was postponed several times due to the harsh weather last winter and scheduling conflicts, and significantly elongated the hiring process.

The position was well worth the wait, and Mr. Beeman’s excitement is evident in his approach to every new project.

“Denise Stringer was able to find the right match and create the possibility for me to be here,” said Mr. Beeman.

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