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Success Spotlight: Lionell Brown

Lionell BrownAlthough he was close to graduating with his Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS), Lionell Brown had little hands-on technology experience. Fortunately, Ryan Hoyle of GalaxE Solutions had mentioned the ExperienceIT program to Lionell, and one of Lionell’s college instructors encouraged him to visit a DESC One-Stop Service Center to apply for an ExperienceIT 8-week bootcamp.

When Lionell arrived for his ExperienceIT interview, he was not wearing professional attire. Spotting an opportunity to build soft skills, Lionell’s DESC Career Counselor referred him for the Object Oriented and Behavioral Assessment and then provided one-on-one instruction on becoming job ready, which included attending mock interviews.

After completing these steps, Lionell was ready to enter ExperienceIT bootcamp. He attended bootcamp at Detroit’s Grand Circus while working two part-time jobs and attending school. Recognizing that his best chance for success meant focusing more time on bootcamp, Lionell left his night job as a janitor. DESC stepped in to provide a training stipend that allowed Lionell to maintain his financial responsibilities while he completed training.

Lionell’s dedication paid off when he accepted a Junior .NET Developer position with Systems in Motion (Nexient). Lionell celebrated one year with Systems in Motion in October 2015.

“Since joining Nexient, Lionell has proven to be a valuable member of my team. With a blend of technical knowledge, problem solving skills, and quick learning capability, he has shown the ability to complete tasks assigned to him in a timely and quality manner.  Lionell is positioning himself to have a sustained career as a professional software developer. I am looking forward to working with Lionell for many years to come here at Nexient.” – Peter Lu, Director and Principal Solutions Architect, Nexient

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