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Success Spotlight: Edeshia Ellis

In December 2014, Edeshia Ellis met with PATH Case Manager Kimberly Jackson at DESC’s partner agency Resource Network, Inc. Edeshia told Kimberly of her desire to enroll in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. Kimberly reviewed the program prerequisites and concluded that Edeshia qualified for the training.Edeshia Ellis CNA training graduation

The program required that Edeshia work no fewer than 20 hours each week. Since she was averaging about 10 hours weekly in her job at Taco Bell, job developer Leo Carr assisted her in finding work to supplement her schedule to reach the required 20 hours. DESC Supportive Services provided bus tickets to assist Edeshia in getting back and forth to training, work and job interviews. DESC also provided a referral to Jackets for Jobs, where she was able to obtain clothing suitable for professional interviews.

In April 2015, Edeshia began her CNA training at Career Essentials Learning Center, where she received personalized instruction that helped her gain self-confidence and develop the tools necessary to apply for jobs in her new field. After completing training and passing her state certification exam, St. Joseph’s Nursing Home offered Edeshia a full-time CNA position. This opportunity increased her hourly earnings from $8.15 to $10.42.

“I’m so grateful for the help and support DESC and Resource Network gave me. Now that I’m working here I’ve even been able to get my own car!” – Edeshia Ellis