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Success Spotlight: Catera Walker

Catera WalkerCatera Walker entered the YES program in 2013, starting her work experience as a Junior Police Cadet. She was an excellent worker, received high praise from her supervisor and worked well with her peers. After her summer work experience came to an end, Catera returned to school at Detroit Community High School. She worked very hard, maintaining above a 3.0 grade point average throughout her junior year. She achieved her highest marks in math and science and received several awards for all‐around student excellence.

Catera returned to the YES program for the 2014 summer program year. After one week in her new job at R & W Café, management identified her as a star performer. Catera was outperforming seasonal staff at the front desk, providing high quality customer service and accurate cashiering. In short, they thought she was a “natural” for the business. While always a committed and enthusiastic student and employee, her bright smile and awesome personality also made an immediate impression.

Catera was hired outside of the summer program working up to 30 hours a week before going back to school. Catera’s interests in culinary arts and hospitality peaked after shadowing the manager at R & W, and discussing long-term career pathways in the field have provided her with clarity about college courses that align directly with her career interests.

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