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Panel gives tips to job seekers, prospective employers

By Paul Harris

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation Chief Executive Officer Pamela Moore says that, many times, job seekers only need to do a few simple things in order to greatly improve their chances of getting hired.BizGrid logo

“Many employers are less concerned with a four-year degree than what skills you actually have” Moore said. “Jobseekers need to show up on time, know the culture of that business and dress appropriately. Many businesses say, ‘I can teach you the rest.’”

Moore spoke to this at the 2nd BizGrid Live!, which was held Oct. 21, at Wayne State University’s McGregor Memorial Conference Center.

The goal of BizGrid Live!, is to better equip entrepreneurs with the tools to see their ideas thrive in Detroit’s small business economy. At the event, there were resources available for entrepreneurs in need of, for instance, production space, marketing support, legal assistance and/or funding. Moore was one of four panelists for the ‘Building Your Team’ Breakout Session.

The session focused on things like when a business owner should begin hiring other people, whether those hired should be employees, independent contractors or professionals with a particular necessary skill, in addition to who those employees should be, what should they be like, what the legal ramifications of hiring are.

BizGrid PanelThe other three panelists were Danielle Smith from Detroit Maid, Monica Samuel from Go! Beyond Ventures and Go! Smoothies, and Saura J. Sahu of Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, P.L.C. The panel was moderated by D-Hive Executive Director Jeff Aronoff.

“Small business owners in Detroit have limited information about the talent pool available to them, and the panel was able to shed light on a variety of issues,” said Aronoff. “Pamela’s views were particularly interesting because DESC serves both employers and job seekers – she understands both sides of the employment relationship.”

Moore also talked about how DESC manages its pool of job candidates and tries to match them with the businesses the organization works with. In some cases, DESC’s assistance can be a basic function.

“If you’re a small company that doesn’t have a Human Resources department, DESC can be your Human Resources department,” Moore said.

She also discussed how there are now more possible jobs for many Detroit residents than there have been in quite a while.

“Many people have not had hope. But with the economic development in Detroit, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Moore said. “There are jobs coming with that development … There are jobs here that do not require a four-year degree. They require some skills. We’re here to provide that training.”

“Employers just need to be clear with us about who they’re looking for,” Moore said. “We need complete clarity about what your business needs.”