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Pamela Moore’s mission to help the unemployed in Detroit

By Damon Autry, Michigan Chronicle, Mar. 5, 2015

Pamela MoorePamela Moore beams with excitement. To the casual observer, it may simply appear that she is an unapologetic lover of life. But to those who have gotten to know Moore on a professional level, it becomes quickly apparent that her joy is rooted in the work she does on behalf of the citizens of Detroit.

Moore is the president and CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. It is Detroit’s workforce and training agency, and part of the Michigan Works! network which provides services to job seekers across the city. DESC administers a demand-driven service delivery system that responds to the talent needs of metro Detroit employers.

“Our goal is to get job seekers employment that will sustain them and their family,” Moore said.

Employers in the region share with DESC the specific kinds of skills they are in need of at any given time. With this information, Moore and her staff set out to find qualified Detroiters to fill those slots.

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