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Employer Spotlight: Hicks Plastics

Hicks Plastics plantHicks Plastics is a leading supplier of quality custom injection molded parts specializing in metalized finishes. They service the automotive, medical, marine and sporting goods industries, utilizing injection molding machines, and have two Macomb Township manufacturing facilities.

In March 2014, Hicks Plastics Human Resources Manager, Peter Murphy, visited Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) intending to just pick up resumes to find seven candidates for Machine Operator positions. Sam Alamat, Business Services Division Account Manager, informed them that DESC provides much more than just resumes and described all the services we offer employers, which include drug, background, and candidate screening. Working with Sam, Hicks Plastics were able to develop a sourcing strategy of recruitment events, partner organization emails, and even candidates from Career Advisor caseloads.

Because some candidates had transportation issues, Hicks Plastics even set up an option for employees to meet at the Michigan Avenue One-Stop where a bus driver, also hired through DESC, would drive them to and from work.

Mr. Murphy really appreciated all the hard work DESC has put into the fulfillment process, mentioning how DESC has saved them time and money normally spent on the hiring process. They are very happy with the results and continue to use DESC services.

To date, DESC has assisted Hicks Plastics in hiring nearly 50 individuals for machine operator positions, along with the one driver position.

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