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Detroiters need meaningful training and in-demand jobs

May 20, 2015 – Donald James, Michigan Chronicle

There’s no question that the city of Detroit is once again on the rise. After experiencing a historic bankruptcy, facilitated by an equally historic appointment and exiting of an emergency manager, the Motor City is now in a period of renaissance — again.

Pamela MooreWhile news of construction projects and companies moving into the city seem to be a weekly occurrence, all of which is good for Detroit, the reality is, if Detroit is to come back full circle, a heavy and historic influx of training opportunities and in-demand jobs must be made available to Detroiters.

Therefore, the questions are: What are the in-demand jobs in Detroit? How do Detroiters acquire training to get the in-demand jobs? According to Pamela Moore, president and CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC), there are numerous hot jobs in demand, including information technology (IT) related positions. Additionally, there is a huge demands for truck drivers, health care workers, and the need to fill positions in retail and service/hospitality industries, the latter of which is to accommodate the booming number of restaurants opening in Detroit.

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